How to teleport a gameObject to an empty? (Unity 2021.1)

I am trying to make a respawn system where if the player touches a plane, (the name of the object is tutlvl1_flrdead) they get teleported to an empty object at player spawn named "RESPAWN". But, several tutorials and unity answers threads lead me to nowhere since they were written from back in 2013 or somewhere around there. Please help, I’ve spent days on this!


using System.Collections; 

using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;

public class deathfloor : MonoBehaviour { // Start is called before the first frame update void Start() {

}  // Update is called once per frame void Update() {     public gameObject myObject; //You can name it whatever you want.  myObject.transform.position = new Vector3(3.076, 1.74, -3.651); 

} }

You can tell I was using a tutorial lol. Someone please fix my mistakes or help me rewrite this script, thanks!