How to use VectorAngle[] in AnglePath3D[]?

Suppose I have a specific angle that I calculate from two vectors, in 3D:

center = {0, 0, 0}; v1 = {1, 0, 0}; v2 = {-1, 0.3, 0.3}; Graphics3D[{Thick, Red, Line[{center, v1}], Blue, Line[{center, v2}]}] 

enter image description here

The angle between v1 and v2:

myAngle = VectorAngle[v1, v2] (*2.74035*) 

Question is, how can I feed myAngle into AnglePath3D[]? I think I need the EulerAngles, because AnglePath3D[ConstantArray[myAngle, 10]] doesn’t work. How can I generate these? I couldn’t figure out this from the documentation of AnglePath3D[].