How to view who is connected to my Wi-Fi hotspot

I’m using stock android 9.0 (Xiaomi Mi A1, if that matters). I’d like to be able to get a list of the devices (IP and/or MAC) that are connected to my phone when it’s used as a Wi-Fi AP.

Here are a few ways I tried but didn’t work:

  • In the settings, there is an indicator of how many devices are connected (Network & internet / Hotspot & tethering / under Wi-Fi hotspot), but there is no list of them.
  • Fing only works when my phone is a client on a Wi-Fi network, not when it is an AP.
  • On Oreo, the /proc/net/arp file used to contain the list, but as of Pie, it doesn’t (it’s empty, even when something is connected).

I’m looking for a solution that does not require root.