How varied are arrows/bolts in published material?

One of my players made a Sharpshooter Fighter with a Hand xBow. He asked me whether he could customize his bolts, for example making them make bludgeoning/slashing damage, fire damage, or something else.

As far as I know, the only custom/magical arrows/bolts currently published are:

  • poisoned arrows (by using a vial of poison on 3 pieces of ammo)
  • +1, +2, +3 arrows
  • arrows of slaying
  • unbreakable arrows
  • Walloping Ammunition

Essentially, these simply add more damage or make a target prone. I’ve found some homebrews that try and add some diversity to the list of available ammunition, but I’d rather stick to official material. Is there any other type of ammunition my player can use on his Fighter?