How would a druid protect their campsite for the night?

I am currently playing a level 6 Circle of the Shepherd Druid, and planning how they would deal with having to spend time in a dangerous area overnight.

A wizard would use all sorts of rituals to set alarms, case the area with detect magic, use their familiar to scout the wider area and then guard the area overnight, and create a tiny hut to stay safe for the night (at the very least).

What spells and features does a level 6 Circle of the Shepherd Druid have access to that can be used to aid their nightly routine to help ensure a safe nights rest for a party of 4?

This can include spells that have a specific impact, plus spells that add flavour which a DM might rule have some kind of useful effect, as long as you can explain why they would be beneficial so I can make that argument to my DM. Any class features of Circle of the Shepherd can be taken into account, and my race is Tortle if that helps. Any published official source is applicable.

For the purposes of this you can assume that I took any relevant cantrips (max 3), but please don’t suggest shenanigans like building a fort out of mold earth. Bonus points if you can expand your list to things that I can look for as I gain levels, but that isn’t necessary, and things such as multi-classing and learning new spells via feats are not required since I won’t be doing that with my build.

For the purposes of the answers you can assume any kind of useful terrain is nearby, my companions are no help, and that my character is very paranoid because he knows life can be pretty deadly!

My current list (not in any specific order) is:

  1. Ritual cast detect magic to try and ensure the area isn’t too obviously dangerous
  2. Cast goodberry so I can have breakfast ready without using a spellslot in the morning (this isn’t needed as part of an answer, but added for completeness – and I also only cast this once because I don’t like shenanigans such as using all my leftover spell slots on it)
  3. Use my Speech of the Woods class feature to ask the local wildlife if we are camping somewhere that something dangerous lives, or if dangerous creatures often traverse the area, feeding them a goodberry if needed
  4. Cast conjure animals if I have spell slots left and create 8 different local animals of various movement types. Send them off for a wander / fly / burrow / swim with instructions to return if there is any danger (this is more RP than helpful, but I can certainly see how it could be argued that 8 scouts which I can speak to and understand is helpful to warn us of impending danger)
  5. Ritual cast animal messenger to make sure anyone who might care (if applicable and in range) knows where I am
  6. Cast darkvision to make sure I am not blind in the dark