How would I take data from an Excel tab and create a list for use in a Classify function?

I would like to do the following:

  1. Load data from a single tab of an Excel workbook into a Mathematica table.
  2. Prepare the data for use with the Mathematica Classify function.

The training set that I want to pass into Classify would be:

{{cell[2,1],cell[2,2],cell[2,3]}->cell{2,7},  {cell[3,1],cell[3,2],cell[3,3]}->cell{3,7}, ...    ,{cell[n,1],cell[n,2],cell[n,3]}->cell{n,7}} 

I have no problem importing the Excel data into a table.

I am unsure as to how this data would be converted into a list for use with Classify.