How would you plough a field with animation magic?

In Eberron: Rising From The Last War, the nation of Aundair is described as a place where arcane magic is commonly used to perform everyday tasks, almost Harry-Potter-esque in some ways. In the Gazetteer, on page 103, it says:

Magic permeates many aspects of Aundairian life — more so than other nations. A cleansing stone graces every village, and you might encounter animated farming equipment in the fields.

This made me curious whether there’s anything in the rules that would allow for this sort of animation. An animate objects spell could animate a plough or other equipment, certainly, but at 5th level and with only 1 minute of duration, it seems a poor choice for actually getting daily work done. A tiny servant spell has the duration, but doesn’t seem like it could affect something as large as a plough or scythe. The only other spell I can think of is unseen servant, and I’m not sure the servant could even do a task like ploughing a field.

Now of course this could be handled by DM fiat without reference to any specific spell; we could posit that there’s a specific unseen farmhand ritual, that the automatic plough itself is a magic item, or simply handwave away any questions with "it’s just some special magic they have here, don’t worry about it", but I’m curious if there’s an option I’ve missed or if I’ve unfairly dismissed one of the spells I know of.