Htaccess Using RewriteMap with a text file

I can’t use link with * Example – http://localhost/photo_gallery/public/show_c.html/color-1* The requested URL was not found on this server. The others work’s color-3, wood, etc.

  1. generated map – map.txt

    title   id color-1* 1 color-1** 2 color-3 3 wood 4 color777 5 color-test 6 
  2. htaccess

    RewriteRule ^show_c.html/([-\w]+)$   show_c.php?cat=$  {catcolors:$  1} [L] 
  3. httpd.conf

    RewriteMap catcolors "txt:C:\wamp\www\photo_gallery\public\maps\map.txt" 

My question. Why the link with * cannot be used.