I cant not decide what to do with an old domain, I need opinions

I have a website that I used for blog few years back. I wrote a lot of articles and uploaded old games. I had little knowledge about monetization and rules and stuff. I wrote technology articles, windows tips, Linux tips, software related tips and enjoyed a lot. I used adsense at the website and earned as well. Site reached at 20,000 views per day and attracted a lot of traffic. Then after couple of years, adsense was banned for that domain. I loved the site and I kept it that way.

  • Now it has no income streams, no ads – only adsense was good enough as revenue stream
  • All articles are old now
  • WordPress software is old at that domain and now i can not even open admin area because i did not upgrade WordPress for a long time
  • It has little value if i try to sell domain I do not want to leave the domain. I want to use it. Its been years I have kept this domain. But it has no income stream. I don’t have anything to sell at it. But I still want to use it and I want to remove all old posts and start a fresh WordPress at it.

Only potential that I see is, people reach out to me and ask to post sponsored posts due to DA value. What should I do? Please advise. I don’t think I can be successful at affiliate / amazon affiliates / I tried but that did not work for me.

Any idea that how can I use this domain for anything interesting or make it valuable again?