I have a win 8.1 with computer from 2008. (using local net with provider’s VPN.) How can my neighbors see my deeds on the computer?

They are talking about it. And even now can see it (I believe). He is working as an electrician or network admin or somewhat related(or maybe have friends in such fields). We had a war here (not completely over yet), so can be a some soldier/militant/whoknowswho.

I have a providers VPN with password but settings without encryption(“disconnect if required encryption”)? Is it a correct settings? My Monitor is from 2006-2008. LCD. Fluorescent lamps were changed to a light diodes strips from some Chinese hardware board.(can it increase electromagnetic information that can be captured from monitor?) My keyboard is wired, but I’ve read it can be intercepted too? No antivirus except windows embedded one. I’ve tested with eset free antivirus and found almost nothing. Last year was bought a SSD drive manufactured in Poland with software with it (I don’t think it is it).

I need to work online, but they are saying things(I can hear them perfectly “thanks” to the war and corona virus quarantine we have very quite environment here.) that can be interpreted as they can actually get some info from my PC.

What is can be done which will not include buying a new pc (even if I can buy it, not sure that problem in hardware) in next 1-2 years? (too expensive for us nowadays.)

Is it possible I have a backdoor here or some open ports that have vulnerabilities?

I’ve read about metasploit but it is for servers. How can I test my computer? please help, tell me it is possible to remove them from here.

What about DNS leaking to local network or dns spoofing? I know nothing about it. What about not so genuine windows? Or my videocard issue a videosignal that can be captured 3 meters below/above(we have brick walls without metal bars and big windows. Also radiator heaters with water pipes are shared near a pc.) and rendered as a picture with not so expensive equipment?

I know for sure they comment selected channels/video pages on youtube and, maybe, a freelance site. And don’t tell me it sound stupid. I know it, but need help. I need to work but can’t because of it.

Was installed several databases for learning and all settings used by default. Is it possible that port 3306 I see in browser was opened to the outside world/local net?

Is it possible that java without update can do this? Sometimes explorer on pc crashes, restarts and shows Libraries window, but I’ve never opened it before crash(it is related).