I have unlocked my bootloader but ADB doesn’t detect my phone so I cant get into my bootloader mode to install TWRP

I have a Huawei P10 lite and I wanted to root my phone, so I had unlocked my bootloader after much effort, and now I’m trying to install TWRP but every time i try to enter my bootloader mode it doesn’t detect my phone. While my phone is on normally my ADB and Fastboot detects my phone perfectly. Only when I enter my phone into the fastboot mode does ADB not detect my phone Fastboot still works fine though. I have tried to install TWRP on my phone using other PC’s but all comes to the same result. Is there anything I can do to get my laptop to detect my phone. enter image description here As you can see while my phone on ADB find my phone details while it on, but when I try to enter bootloader options it no longer finds my phone. I’m pretty sure i unlocked my phone properly as every time I reset my phone it give me the “untrusted” message and in fastboot mode it says “phone unlocked”. Please any help would be appreciated

Thank you so much for your help.