i just want to rearrange code to look good & like a pro so this good

im new at js & i want know my code look like pro or no (its for generate random words & generate the songs with this words)

// This Function For The Random Array List (Random Words)  let mainJS = function(ed, eminem) {  let randomwords = [  "I'm professional programmer",  "Noobest programmer you will ever see xD",  "So Dont Call Me Baby, Unless You Mean It! <br> -Ed Sheeran",  "Smash into everyone, crash into everything <br> -Eminem"  ];  let randomItem = Math.floor(Math.random() * randomwords.length);  document.getElementById("randomwords").innerHTML = randomwords[randomItem];    //-----------------------------------------------    /* This Function For The Songs (Which Will Play Auto When Specific Word Will Appear To  User From The Random Array List (Random Words) */    if (randomItem == 2) {  ed.play();  } else if (randomItem == 3) {  eminem.play();  }  }  mainJS(new Audio("songs/ed.mp3"), new Audio("songs/eminem.mp3"));