I need a good UX design that enables changing configuration on both admin and user levels

I’m working at a company hosting several web-applications and mobile apps that enable the customer to show, modify and analyse their own data. Customers might have multiple user accounts per customer. Quite some customers only have one user account as well though.

Some settings should be configurable for all users of the customer at once, but some settings need the ability to be overridden for some users. Some settings also need overrides for specific applications only, or users only. Users with administrator rights should have the ability to change settings on customer level and should be able to restrict the configurability of some settings for others.

So the matrix of configurability for each settings is ‘customer’ and ‘user’, on the one axis and ‘all applications’ and ‘specific application’ on the other axis.

How do I design my interface in such a way that the user knows how to find and alter settings (if authorized) and understands what the scope of these settings are?