I need a website to track a west marches discord campaign [closed]

I am not a coder, so I would like to find a web site portal that can be installed (like wordpress or drupal) that would allow the following features

  • information about the RPG setting
  • permanent pages for rules, home brew customization, materials for the rpg, etc
  • user-unique pages for characters to be uploaded by normal users and approved by staff members, tracking progress for each
  • news feed/update blog/misc info feed
  • Webhook capability to discord would be nice but definitely not required

things like Obsidian portal, Epic Words, Kanka.io have all met some of the criteria (Kanka is obviously the closest), but being able to put full D&D 5e characters into a system that has multiple DMs, (hundreds) of players with characters to track, it’s a bit difficult to find the right software.

Does anyone know if this exists?