I want to change this matlab code to Mathematica? can you help me

my code have one matrix entry and works as QR decompose method by using Givens rotation and its outputs contain 2 matrix as Q and R I want to run this code in mathematica without using Matlink package…..can you help me by rewriting this code in mathematica Language eye is the IdentityMatrix and norm(a,b) is $ \sqrt{(a^2+b^2)}$ Thank you for HELP

function [Q,R] = my_givens_QR(A) n = size(A,1);  Q=eye(n); R=A; for j=1:n for i=n:(-1):j+1 x=R(:,j); if norm([x(i-1),x(i)])>0 c=x(i-1)/norm([x(i-1),x(i)]); s=-x(i)/norm([x(i-1),x(i)]); G=eye(n); G([i-1,i],[i-1,i])=[c,s;-s,c]; R=G'*R; Q=Q*G; end end end