I will Do Send 200k Bulk Email With Text,Html,Images for $100

I will do Bulk Email Marketing for you or your company or a specific product you need to promote. for this pack 200k Bulk Email sending. I send bulk email for you with text, images, video links, html as you need. I will deliver all the mails on time and after sending emails I will send screenshots or photo of each steps as prof of sending mails. I will send thousands of mails for you. I will send mails within few hours of order. I will also deliver your order within 24 hours. I can send the emails with your given sender name,sender email address, your email on the reply email address. If you need I can also merge first name, last name, company name, phone number of your recipients. ** I can also send sample mails to your E_mail and after getting your confirmation I will deliver mails **

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