I will try to keep this as Adult as possible, but you are getting on my nerves

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What’s the best Is there a way to convert MTG into creatures and characters to AD&D?

I started playing AD&D when it came out in the seventies. I have all of the 1st edition Core books including Deities & Demigods with Melnibonéan and Cthulhu mythos. I have about 100 Modules as well as some Gamma World and Star Frontiers. I started playing Magic the Gathering in 1993 and have about 15,000 cards. There are a lot of creatures as well as characters from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering that I would like to incorporate into some D&D dungeons, but not exactly sure how to make the transition from Magic’s Attack/Defense to D&D’s AC/HP or specific DAM into my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Any suggestions where to start? Is there a published process for such a conversion? If not, is there a comparison from tested homebrew conversion process that a user is willing from D&D share?

Two questions asked in posts and no answers, only posts closed. The Mods here must be kids that play nothing but 5e. I understand that it must be easier for you to just shut down a post, than to answer a question, or even just give some constructive criticism, but come on… This is by far the "crappiest" forum that I have ever had the displeasure of joining. I’m sure that you will close this post as well and possibly "Ban" me from posting again. but for Christ’s sake, answer a question once in a while or at least give some kind of feedback to help out someone that likes to share his interests with other gamers..