I wrote a script to auto-create GSA projects from RankerX (like a one-way sync tool)

I want to share something I built in case it would be helpful.
I use RankerX to build tier-2 backlinks, and then I have two GSA instances hitting those with tier-3 links. I think it keeps the tier-2 links alive longer and I’ve been able to grow a number of domains to DR 40-50 over 4-6 months with this strategy. But I was getting annoyed because I keep forgetting to set up the GSA projects each time RankerX finishes a campaign and it’s a lot of clicks!
So, I fixed it and here’s the source code:
The script runs under python on Windows. It polls your RankerX instance for completed projects, and when it finds one it sets up a new .prj file in your GSA-SER projects folder and then pings the GSA API so it would refresh itself and start the project. Now GSA can build your T3 backlinks as soon as a RankerX project finishes with basically no work from you.