If I overstay in Thailand for just 1 day and pay the 500 Baht fine, do I still get some “Overstay” stamp on my passport?

I am currently in Thailand on an extended tourist visa for 90 days. When my visa duration ends I should exit Thailand to issue a student visa and then come back to Thailand.

Due to a mistake at the immigration office (29 days extension instead 30 days extension) my visa expires 1 day before my flight out which was already booked before extending the visa at the immigration office where the extending mistake was made.

Possible solutions:

  • Pay a 1 day 500 baht fine for overstaying 1 day.
  • Contact Thai Air Asia to early my ticket just by 1 day or cancel it and re-booking (which would raise the price a bit)
  • Going back, sometime in the coming two months, to the quite far immigration office to get a new extension stamp (it might mess my already messy-stampy passport but maybe the stamp will be on the same page and it won’t); only going there back and forth is about 300 Baht and will take several hours in traffic jams.

Assuming I choose to pay 500 fine in the end, I fear of an overstay stamp,
am I supposed to get an “overstay” stamp for one day?