IIS 8.5 FTP using IIS Users

Can someone please provide me with an up-to-date step-by-step guide on how to add ftp publishing securely using SSL to a website in IIS 8.5 web server using IIS Users.

I then want to connect to the website using FileZilla.

  1. I have correctly installed ftp using windows firewall. All rules are enabled.
  2. I have installed IIS Service Management and have created an IIS user (IISuser with a password).
  3. I have tried selecting my site and creating an ftp publishing but every time I try to connect to the server through FileZilla after authenticating the SSL by trusting it in FileZilla I get a 503 invalid host name.

I would like to just start from scratch so that I can set this up.

I want to create an IIS user to access the ftp, instead of a user on the server because I want to ensure maximum amount of security – if I create another user with limited access, they can still remote into the server, rather than just an IIS user being able to access the web server (IIS).