redirect [duplicate]

Recently when I was visiting a website, just clicking (not even on a link; lets say on some text or blank space) I was redirected by something (which was given as…… in the address bar) to a malicious webpage ( Now when I visited another site, I was redirected by this same thing ( to another malicious webpage (which asked to download adobe flash). On some websites I get weird ads (which I think are malicious links) despite having an ad-blocker (which blocks all other ads). I removed the cookies(the malicious ones) and blocked them. I scanned my computer using windows defender and windows safety scanner, but they found nothing. So I thought that the websites may be redirecting me. But when I visit the websites using a different device on the same network, I am not redirected. Further more, I am not redirected every time (like on visiting every website), so this is not a browser hijacker. I don’t know if my browser is infected or what is wrong. Is there a reason to worry? What should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated.