Im way in over my head

Alright so i wanted to play some games and i was told by a friend that linux was more light weight and he told me i could dual boot windows and linux and i used a tutorial how step by step but now my computer is stuck on this screen and i cant get into windows or ubuntu and im stuck. My boot settings refuse to save either so i either have my usb in and it takes me to an ubuntu download (which i have already downloaded) or i take it out and i get this message. Please help as i use my computer often and i cant useit at all now. Even if it just switches it back to windows or i lose everything i had and keep ubuntu. As long as i can use my computer. Thanks. P.s the if you cant read it the message says ‘Reboot and select propee boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key’

P.p.s i cant send images but the last bit says what the message is