Import projects with multiple emails into Litmus

I am having trouble with my litmus account. I’ve talked to their support, and the answers have been less than helpful. I’ll get back to that.

I had a basic account, and in that account I utilized projects to manage different campaigns. Within those projects are 10-20 emails that fall into the project category.

I now have an enterprise account, but I cannot import my projects.

Litmus support told me that I should be able to drag and drop. Which is true. I can drag a zip file of an email into the builder dashboard and it will import. But I cannot drag an email into a project. And I see no way to move an email into a project after the fact.

I tried downloading a zip file of an entire project and dragging that into litmus. It does create a project that is correctly named, however, once I go in- it only has one of the emails in there. And it isn’t even the first one. It oddly decides to only use the second email.

I also cannot drag and drop zips of emails into the sidebar to create a new email.

There appears to be no way to do this that doesn’t end in a lot of copy and paste.

Is there anyway to import entire projects, or assign an email to a project?