Importing a .csv containing list of complex numbers

I exported a list (with two columns) to a .csv file with Mathematica, and the first few lines are,

-3.141592653589793,-942.4277659056601-7.514067804073956*^-12*I -3.141592653589793,155.66354907107547-5.760593016133258*^-13*I -3.141592653589793,-101.00525445626336-1.443383665316593*^-14*I 

To export, I used the command

Export["table.csv", a] 

When I import this table, Mathematica cannot interpret the complex numbers in the second column properly. How do I properly import this csv file into a table?

In[1]:= a = Import["table.csv"];  In[2]:= a[[1]]  Out[2]= {-3.14159, "-942.4277659056601-7.514067804073956*^-12*I"}  In[3]:= Re[a[[1]]]  Out[3]= {-3.14159, Re["-942.4277659056601-7.514067804073956*^-12*I"]}