Improvised weapons and proficiency

I would like to know if I utilize “use an object” on an acid vial or alchemist’s fire and they are treated as improvised weapons with the respective range attack up to 20 feet, can I add my proficiency bonus to my attack rolls with those items?

Evidently, tavern brawler feat allows the character become proficient with improvised weapons. This would work obviously.

  • proficiency bonus + Dex modifier for attack rolls with that improvised weapon.

Although, I want to argue that vials and flasks are similar to Actual weapons of martial weapons category like the net or simple weapons category like darts and slings. This would allow my character to add the proficiency bonus to attack rolls as if the flasks or vials were similar to those weapon characteristics or properties in terms of ranged attacks and almost the same range. He/she is proficient in both simple and martial weapons.

I want to assume that vials and flasks can resemble darts, slings, and nets, so I can gain that proficiency bonus. In the end, it also depends on my DM’s discretion.

In similarities, a table leg can be familiarized as a club. In that case, I would be able to use the proficiency bonus as if a character is proficient and familiar with simple weapons.

I haven’t found anything on vials and flasks being recognized as darts, slings, and nets.

Thank you for reading.