In standard 5e, does elf weapon training do anything useful at character creation?

Working just with the basic game (read: PHB, no expansions), I was trying to outfit an elven cleric, but the starting equipment only includes simple weapons (or war hammer, which is only useful for dwarves). Do I really have to start with suboptimal simple weapons and upgrade to a longsword or longbow (replacing mace/crossbow, respectively) as funds become available?

This seems to be a broader problem than just the one I see here, because every class that allows you to equip martial weapons at the start also grants martial weapon abilities — making the elf weapon training redundant. Did I miss some special rule that allows you to treat "race-specific weapons" as simple weapons for initial character creation? I’d even be happy if shortsword was "simple", but it isn’t — and playing an elf who favors dwarf weapons seems kind of silly.