In what ways can a druid’s Wild Shape be detected?

I’m a relative newcomer to D&D 5th Ed. and am playing a druid fond of Wild Shape. I’d like to know in what ways it can be detected by NPCs (or even fellow PCs). It appears that this is a sort of debated subject, as to how and whether Detect Magic works on it or not.

I read through the question, Detecting Wild Shape with a Mythal, but I’ve no idea what a Mythal is. In portions of the question and its answers, there seems to be various interpretations of how Detect Magic might work (or not). It seems to me that the ability is a sort of innate or supernatural ability, and whether it is "magical" or not is somewhat ambiguous.

My reason for asking is that Detect Magic seems to be a relatively low-level spell and thus makes Wild Shape (for espionage, surveillance, scouting, etc.) somewhat less dependable.

In another answer by Neil Slater, this excerpt seems applicable:

…the consensus in groups I have played in … is that Detect Magic is equivalent to "Detect Spells, Spell-like Effects and Enchantments". That is, it will detect spells in progress, spell-like powers of monsters, and permanent enchantments on scrolls, and standard magic weapons. Under that interpretation, will not detect supernatural powers, such as a druid’s Wild Shape…

Is there a more recent consensus on how this mechanic might work?

Finally, Detect Magic aside, in what other ways can a druid’s Wild Shape be detected or nullified?