Including a specific ‘Home’ link when a sites ‘Home’ is equivalent to another function

I am designing a blog site where the Home page is a list of blog posts.

In this situation is there any research into the validity of using a Home navigation link which takes you to the list of blog posts and not including a Blog navigation item?

I think this would be acceptable as if the user is on the Home page they can see what it contains and if they have navigated to a post, they know Home will take them back to where they came from and hopefully have remembered that Home contains a list of posts. But keen to see if there is any contrary research.

Alternatives I’m considering are to not include a specific Home link and just use Blog (using a logo to return to Home) but I’d be concerned that this doesn’t indicate strongly enough how to go-home unless the logo looks stylistically like a button.

Steve Krug is keen to use the Site ID as a return to Home link, which is fair, but also recommends (but doesn’t insist) on having a Home link in the navigation. I see Facebook do include a home link on the main nav and this links to news feed on the left navigation. Amazon, don’t seem to include a home link anymore.

Or finally to include both a Home and Blog link, but I don’t like the duplication as I think it can cause confusion if a user from the Home page clicks Blog and see’s the same content. Also, I can only indicate one active page, so having two links seems the wrong approach.