Incorporeal Creatures and Astral Projection

I’ve been mulling over a dream character for some time now. I like to play with Pathfinder as the base with 3.5 material available to be converted for use. Enter the Convert Spell to Power Erudite. Lots of great things that can happen here. Say we make it to Epic levels and acquire Astral Projection. Say we also become a Mindborn, essentially a Psionic lich with a specially modified Psicrystal as the phylactery. A Mindborn however is Incorporeal and therefore lacks a physical body, does Astral Projection fail to create a new body then? Or does it extend an additional Incorporeal consciousness into the planes with a silver chord coming out the back of it’s head… Should it choose to have one?

TLDR: Can an Incorporeal creature cast Astral Projection?