Installation of Teamviewer on Ubuntu 17.04 does not work (32-Bit machine)

I installed Ubuntu 17.04 on my 32-Bit notebook (previously used a WinXP-machine).
The notebook is a 32-Bit machine with 3GB RAM. Installtion of Ubuntu 17.04 worked fine.
I then tried to install Teamviewer (downloaded file teamviewer_14.1.18533_i386.deb), but constantly failed. During – incomplete – installation of Teamviewer I received messages about missing files/packages like


I had to remove Teamviewer from my system.
I am a rather unexperienced Ubuntu-user and wonder if someone can help me out with a description of steps to walk through when installing Teamviewer, especially how to install a .deb-file including all dependancies which might be necessary.

Thanks for your support. Best regards Michael