Installation problem (old Asus laptop)

I have an old asus laptop model F50SL (specs: dual core pentium t4300 2.1 GHZ, ddr2 2 gb ram, ati 4500 series) and recently I decided to revive it using kubuntu. When booting with USB thumb drive it froze, so i tried different versions of kubuntu, nothing worked. I pressed ESC during its boot up and last lines were : snd_hda_intel 0000:00:0f.0 Corb reset timeout#1, CORBRP = 0.

After this I tried installing ubuntu 16.04 and used “nomodeset”, “nolapic” and “acpi = off” but had this problem instead:

unknown tag 0x0 length 0

unknown tag 0x1 length 4

It has Windows 32 bit Home edition installed. If there is no way to fix this problem can you suggest other beginner-friendly linux distros?

Also: I tried booting all distros on my other desktop and everything went fine.

Huge thanks in advance!