Integrate autocorrect grammar APIs into SER

Hello @sven,

I am wondering if you could add autocorrection API’s (for articles/text) into SER.

With Google increasing their ability to find spun text, it would this would be of great importance and benefit to all SER users. Especially those using spun text. In my own experience, I’ve manually taken some spun articles, used Grammarly on them, and seen some pretty convincing rank improvements. However, this method is manual, when I’m pretty sure the same thing can be accomplished automatically (but sadly, not by Grammarly, they don’t offer an API).

I found this one when searching around, there seems to be an autocorrection script already written, perhaps it could just be added to SER?

Company link:

Github link:

Then a section in options for “autocorrection APIs” similar to have captchas are done? Over time, with the system being in place, more API’s could be added (and you could also gain affiliate commissions from any sites that offer them – I bet many SEO’s who use SER would sign up with these sites).

There are also other API’s as such, but I haven’t really been able to figure out how to get an API key from them. Grammarbot as mentioned above seem to have already given us code to use for autocorrection, and would likely be the easiest to integrate.

This would be a massive time saver for all of us, I can’t overstate the magnitude of it and would be happy to make a donation to make this happen.

Let me know what you think.