Internet on network I’ve been using for years stopped, however it works for other devices

I’ve been using this wifi network and one day my laptop simply stopped getting internet from the connection.
1) I still use wifi from this network from my Android phone and from another laptop with Windows
2) with my Ubuntu laptop, I can use wifi from other wifi networks(for example at work)
3) Upon looking in the router settings, I find that my laptop connects to the router
4) I’ve tried both resetting my laptop and the router, resetting network manager… No result
5) When I ping nothing happens, my terminal just sits for a long time and I can’t input any commands
6) Changing the /etc/resolv.conf doesn’t do anything… If I restart network manager after changing it, the wifi icon on my bottom bar changes to 2/5 wifi signal but I still cannot access internet
7) I’ve used Timeshift to revert my root directories to when I still could use internet from this network… Again, no result