Is 5e’s teleportation circle possible in 3.5?

In 3.5 D&D, “teleportation circle” is the name of a 9th lvl conjuration spell. The purpose of the spell is to create a circle that remains for 10 minutes, and subjects everyone who enters it in that time to a “greater teleport” to a specific location.

In 5e, however, that same name refers to a 5th level Conjuration spell. This spell also creates a circle, and eveyone who enters it before the end of the caster’s next round is teleported to pre-existing, identical circle. A receiving circle can be made by casting this spell in the same place every day for a year.

Is there any official way to replicate the effects of the 5e version of this spell in 3.5? If not, would it cause any inherent problems if it were put in the game as a custom spell?