Is a humanoid mimic race overpowered?

I am currently working on a Homebrew D&D 5e race and one of the ability’s I am working on is the power to mimic any object that you are familiar with unless is’s a gadget like a magic orb or such (Books get a pass). I have tried testing it, but couldn’t since everybody I knew that played D&D was offline and working so here I am asking for help.

First of all, the race is of abyssal origins without sporting the colors that remind people of hell, actually they look more like they are from the void so they can hide in the shadows. Their gigantic glowing white eyes help them see in the dark making the them good guides and their speed can help them race circles around enemy’s though they aren’t good with charisma since they lived in the shadows for so long. They aren’t very trusted for partly the same reason as tieflings, Their alignment usually leans towards neutral but ones that want more freedom lean towards neutral chaotic and ones that trust other races more are lawful good or neutral good as. They are as big as Shy Guy from SCP with the body of a healthy human being but still with skinny arms that are just thick enough to not show bones. Basically it’s what the title says except with better eyesight and a Shy Guy like humanoid form replacing the original mimic form. I am going to far in. It’s like this mimic homebrew race from dandwiki but with more powerful options.

Racial traits weren’t listed so here we go:

Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +2, Constitution +3

Long limbed. Your long arms allow melee to reach up to 5 extra feet

Light footed. You are fast and nimble. Your speed gains 10 extra feet

Shape changer. You can change your shape into something you are familiar with, when you change shape you change your height.

Darkvision. You can see 60 feet in the dark but only see black and white.

Medium. Your default size is medium.