Is a racial feature balanced that lets you chose any low-level spell to learn

Many races give certain low-level spells on a once-per-day basis and there is the high elf who can learn any wizard cantrip. Now consider the following racial feature:

Chose any spell of spell level one or two. You can cast that spell once without expending a spell slot. If you do, you cannot cast that spell again this way until you finish a long rest. Your spellcasting ability for the spell is intelligence, wisdom, or charisma (your choice).

My question now is if this problematic, especially from a balance perspective. There are two specific concern I see that might be relevant.

  1. Powerful combat spells, such as Shatter or Guiding Bolt

  2. Class specific spells which become available to members of other classes

While there are certainly specific interactions to be exploited here (just like with multiclassing and feat combinations) that is not what I’m interested in. I’m rather interested in general problems posed by certain groups of spells (like the ones named above).

I assume that the once-per-day class generally prevents abuse. Secondly, many official races already provide such spells, albeit without the choice. Furthermore, this question concluded that making level one spells available once per day via a feat (which some official feats do) poses no problem. That is different from this question, however, in that I am considering a racial feature which can grant spells of levels one and two rather than just level one.

Does this racial feature pose general problems of balance?

Side note: I am working on a point buy system for racial features, so this will not go into a specific race I’m designing.

Side not 2: I am not sure as of yet, how the feature will be valued. Of course, the feature is more valuable than any specific spell, just like the high elf cantrip of choice is more valuable than other features which provide a specific cantrip.

Explanation on the system: My valuation of features is generally based on this analysis found online. I do not make all features available that are found in official races, just a subset which fits the style of my game, but players can freely chose ability score increases (such as +2/+1 to any chosen scores), as well as skill and tool proficiencies and a few other features (such as Dwarven Resilience, Lucky, or a climbing speed).