IS good idea to use constants instead of raw literal strings and when is a bad one? [duplicate]

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Usually when I code in PHP I try to avoid using literal strings in cases such as:

define('IMAGE_DOWNLOAD_PATH','./data/images/'); define('IMAGE_FILENAME_PREFIX','myapp_'); $  url=""  function genFilenamesForDownload(string $  url): string {     $  extention = pathinfo($  url, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);      return IMAGE_DOWNLOAD_PATH.IMAGE_FILENAME_PREFIX.hash('sha512',$  url).".$  {extention}"; }  

My rationale behind this is that using constants I make my code more self-documenting and I do not spend time to guess what each literal value is.

But on my experience some developers that I collaborate with find this approach more confusing whilst I find this approach more easy-to-understand especially for new employees or collaborators to the project.

So I wondered which approach is better, to directly use literals or to define my literals as constants? Also is this approach good for all cases?