Is it bad if I told a scam caller my birthday, name, and address?

I got a scam call today telling me that I had multiple warrants out for my arrest, and that if I hung up then I would get arrested. At this point it being a scam crossed my mind, but I had just woken up and was very scared and confused. It transferred to a woman who said that she was an officer with the police and that if I did not answer her question then I would be arrested (in hindsight of course this doesn’t make sense). I told them my name, address, and date of birth. They tried to get the last three digits of my social security number but I didn’t tell her that. After I told her my date of birth she said that I wasn’t the person they were looking for and she hung up. I realized that I had just been scammed, and that they had taken advantage of me being incredibly scared. What can they do with the information I gave them?