Is it possible a scammer stole my credit card details and made a new card from it?

So I’m abroad at the moment, yet I’ve just had a cash withdrawal made on my credit card from my country of origin, even though I’m not there and the card IS with me abroad.

I called the card issuer and they have cancelled the card and are sending me a replacement. They told me that this was definitely a bank machine withdrawal with a physical card so my card must have been copied at some point.

What’s odd is that it’s actually months since I last used this card in a physical transaction back in my home country so it’s odd that if it was copied all the way back then that it’s only being tested now.

Anyhow, it got me thinking, is it possible that the card wasn’t copied some months back but instead a copy card was compiled using data a scammer obtained about my card and its security codes via another source such as an online shop ? Is that technically possible or is there info in the card that is required that isn’t ever part of an online transaction?