Is it possible and how to log a website internal connection activity?

For instance, I have developed a WordPress website and prepared to deploy to client’s server. Since they request the site to be scanned in their VPN server first. For some reason, the application connects to many external resources and because the VPN is blocked the site from connecting to other location than its internal address, it is very slow. The slowness is believed to be due to blocking and retrial until giving up.

Since the application consists of a lot of plugins. What connection it is trying to make is not so obvious and straightforward.

Is it possible to track/log what the connection it is trying to made? If it is possible, I could do it in local server environment level and coding level to make a list of connection that it is trying to connect. And then I could use this list to discuss with the client and ask for white listing.

eg. normal connection log /user activity utility could log user A with IP A visit > website.

But currently, if the site itself connect to

  • <<< possible log it down?
  • website B …
  • website C

Any hints, suggestions, insight is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.