Is it possible to combine Summon Beastial Spirit spell and Wildshape to travel by air?

The Summon Bestial Spirit appeared in Unearthed Arcana 2020 edition Spells and Magic Tattoos.

In our campaign we are allowed to use the spells to playtest the material. I was wondering whether she could feasibly use this spell alongside Wildshape (something small), to be able to travel distances by air, or to infiltrate.

It came up when our druid used the air-based form of the Summon Bestial Spirit spell, which has a fly speed of 60 ft. The idea was to turn herself into a Tiny Beast such as a Spider (MM, p.337).

My additional query about this air travel is how she could potentially instruct the spirit.

Could she tell the spirit in advance of the (PHB, p.66) something like:

  • when I turn into a spider and go on your back, fly towards that castle;
  • if I tickle your right ear veer right;
  • if I tickle your left ear, veer left;
  • if I pull your feather, go up;
  • if I push down your feathers down, go down