Is it possible to populate field with array in Sequelize?

I am new to Sequalize. Tried to figure this out but cant wrap my head around how it works. So I need to JOIN three tables based on two others

I have my models defined by sequelize-auto. Here is my init-models file

var DataTypes = require("sequelize").DataTypes; var _lesson_students = require("./lesson_students"); var _lesson_teachers = require("./lesson_teachers"); var _lessons = require("./lessons"); var _students = require("./students"); var _teachers = require("./teachers");  function initModels(sequelize) {   var lesson_students = _lesson_students(sequelize, DataTypes);   var lesson_teachers = _lesson_teachers(sequelize, DataTypes);   var lessons = _lessons(sequelize, DataTypes);   var students = _students(sequelize, DataTypes);   var teachers = _teachers(sequelize, DataTypes);    lesson_students.belongsTo(lessons, { as: "lesson", foreignKey: "lesson_id"});   lessons.hasMany(lesson_students, { as: "lesson_students", foreignKey: "lesson_id"});   lesson_teachers.belongsTo(lessons, { as: "lesson", foreignKey: "lesson_id"});   lessons.hasMany(lesson_teachers, { as: "lesson_teachers", foreignKey: "lesson_id"});   lesson_students.belongsTo(students, { as: "student", foreignKey: "student_id"});   students.hasMany(lesson_students, { as: "lesson_students", foreignKey: "student_id"});   lesson_teachers.belongsTo(teachers, { as: "teacher", foreignKey: "teacher_id"});   teachers.hasMany(lesson_teachers, { as: "lesson_teachers", foreignKey: "teacher_id"});   // removing unused ids   lesson_students.removeAttribute('id')   lesson_teachers.removeAttribute('id')         return {     lesson_students,     lesson_teachers,     lessons,     students,     teachers,   }; } module.exports = initModels; module.exports.initModels = initModels; module.exports.default = initModels; 

Result eventually should be an object with populated fields. It should look like something like this

{    id : 9    date: ‘2019-09-01’     title: ‘Orange’,    status: 1    students: [ // populated array of students       { id: 1,          name: ‘John’          visit: true,    }],    teachers: [ // populated array of teachers       { id: 1,          name: ‘Alice’       }] } 

At the moment i figured out how to get this result

{     id: 10,     date: '2019-06-24',     title: 'Brown Color',     status: 0,     lesson_teachers: [ [lesson_teachers] ],     lesson_students: [ [lesson_students] ]   } 

by following code

resultLessons = await models.lessons.findAll({     include: [{       model: models.lesson_teachers, as: 'lesson_teachers',     }, {       model: models.lesson_students, as: 'lesson_students'      }],   })   const lessons = => (lesson.dataValues))   console.log(lessons) 

So question is how do I populate [lesson_teachers] and [lesson_students] with actual data? (like method .populate in mongoose)

Thanks a lot in advance