Is it possible to transfer data with a really unique seed of a psudo random number generator

I have thinking about this idea for over 5 years and i don’t have the complete technical knowledge to fully grasp the idea I’m having.

The premise of the idea is to have an extremely high base number system like base 85 / Ascii85.

Then use that high base number to express an extremely verbose seed for a pseudo random data generator.

Then using your data generator, generate out data to a specified length of characters.

The business case for this would hopefully be a way of transferring data in an extremely compressed format that is actually just a function expression of how to calculate out your large set of data.

So for example if you want to move 10 gigabytes of data, you somehow serialize that 10 gigabytes down into a random seed that propagates back out into the same 10 gigabytes again.

The reason for something like Ascii85 is so that you could express a high amount of unique permutations.

This idea is probably completely crazy and or incorrect, but i have wondered about it for so long i really wanted some advice on it.