Is it possible to use retraining to swap Class feats for Archetype feats?

The Retraining activity says about Feats –

You can spend a week of downtime retraining to swap out one of your feats. Remove the old feat and replace it with another of the same type. For example, you could swap a skill feat for another skill feat, but not for a wizard feat.

Archetype feats (Dedication and otherwise) are selected in place of Class feats, but are generally not actually Class feats (there are some exceptions that overlap, and there are possibly Class archetypes in the future). Can retraining be used to swap a Class feat for an Archetype feat, or vice versa?

The Feat retraining rule seems to say you can only swap a feat for the same type of feat, but I think this language is simply intended to prevent a character from replacing a feat with a type they would not have been able to take at that point, rather than outright mandating the feat needs to be exactly the same type.