Is sending token authentication information via cookie headers secure?

i am by no means a security engineer , and i have barely started my journey as a web developer. Im utilizing a python package known as django for my backend , react.js for my front end . Recently i have incorporated django-channels , which is a package that gives me the ability to use websockets in my project. Since i have decoupled my front and backends , the basis of authentication im using is via tokens (will look into using jwt) .

The issue is that with javascript , it is not possible to send authentication headers via websocket connection (or so im told) , therefore a lot of people are using cookies to send this authentication token instead. Heres an example snippet of how i am sending the token from my front end:

 const path = wsStart + 'localhost:8000'+ loc.pathname     document.cookie = 'authorization=' + token + ';'      this.socketRef = new WebSocket(path) 

doing this allows me to then extract out the token information through utilizing a customized middleware on my backend .

import re from channels.db import database_sync_to_async from django.db import close_old_connections  @database_sync_to_async def get_user(token_key):     try:         return Token.objects.get(key=token_key).user     except Token.DoesNotExist:         return AnonymousUser()   class TokenAuthMiddleware:     """     Token authorization middleware for Django Channels 2     see:     """      def __init__(self, inner):         self.inner = inner      def __call__(self, scope):         return TokenAuthMiddlewareInstance(scope, self)   class TokenAuthMiddlewareInstance:     def __init__(self, scope, middleware):         self.middleware = middleware         self.scope = dict(scope)         self.inner = self.middleware.inner      async def __call__(self, receive, send):         close_old_connections()         headers = dict(self.scope["headers"])         print(headers[b"cookie"])         if b"authorization" in headers[b"cookie"]:             print('still good here')             cookies = headers[b"cookie"].decode()             token_key ="authorization=(.*)(; )?", cookies).group(1)             if token_key:                 self.scope["user"] = await get_user(token_key)          inner = self.inner(self.scope)         return await inner(receive, send)    TokenAuthMiddlewareStack = lambda inner: TokenAuthMiddleware(AuthMiddlewareStack(inner)) 

However this has raised some form of security red flags (or so im told) .

Therefore i wish to extend this questions to the security veterans out there :

  1. Is this methodology of sending token authentication information via cookie headers safe?
  2. Is my implementation of this method safe?
  3. Is there a way to secure this even further?