Is the discrepancy in Turing’s representation of complete configurations intentional?

On page 235 of Turing’s 1936 paper, in the figure marked (C), the illustration appears not to match the description. The description states that

space has been made on the left of the scanned symbol, and the m-configuration written in its place

but the illustration shows no scanned symbol for the first complete configuration:

b:əəo0 0:əəq0 0: ...  

It’s hard to tell if this is meant to me something special about the starting state, or a general part of the representation so that one would have

b:əəo0 0:əəq0 0:əə0 q0:əə0 0 q:əə0 0p 1:əə0p 0 1:əpə0 0 1:... 

rather than the representation corresponding to the description:

b :əəo0 0:əəq0 0:əə0 q0:əə0 0 q :əə0 0p 1:əə0p 0 1:əpə0 0 1:... 

Is there significance to this discrepancy? Is it intentional?