Is the following database design good in the following table for the situation explained below

Someone has created this table with the following information:

enter image description here

There are more entries in the database table which I have omitted for brevity purpose.

My ultimate goal is to display the following in the User Interface:

enter image description here

As you can see, the DESC column has same value twice for Capital,Summary etc, same value 4 times for First Reports. I am planning to generate a JSON response using the webservice which would look like the following:

{     "webservice_status": {         "status": "SUCCESS",         "message": ""     },     "dataInfo": [{             "desc": "Capital,Summary etc",             "datadesc": "Counts of capital and summary ",             "dataid": "1"          },         {             "desc": "Capital,Summary etc",             "datadesc": "Testing of capital and summary ",             "dataid": "2"          },         {             "desc": "First Reports",             "datadesc": "Completed Successfully ",             "dataid": "3"         },         {             "desc": "First Reports",             "datadesc": " Still Pending ",             "dataid": "4"         },         {             "desc": "First Reports",             "datadesc": "Failed twice ",             "dataid": "5"         },         {             "desc": "First Reports",             "datadesc": "Re attempting ... ",             "dataid": "5"         }     ] } 

I am wondering if I should ask the person who created this to change the database design? As far as I know, having duplicate values in the same column is a violation of some normal form?

Also, while programming, I am not sure how would I know that I need to stop at DATAID=2 to know that my first heading will be Capital,Summary etc and then again, I am not sure how would I know to stop at 6 to know that my second heading is First Reports.