Is there a sane documentation for settung up warehouse (i.e. your own python package index – pypi)?

The python package index (pypi) runs on open-source software called warehouse. We are currently trying to host our own instance of pipy. The only warehouse documentation currently, seems to be quite sparse and aimed at developers, not end users.

For instance, it ships with “example data”. I.e. on installation there are >40k users and >30k dummy packages in the database by default. They were taken from and are meant to give developers some data to test their changes against. But no word on how to remove them, or actually setting up a production environment. Also we found that e-mail verification and actual installation of uploaded, custom python packages via pip install --index-url <our-custom-index> <custom package> did not work out of the box, with no hints to debug that. We had and have much more additional trouble such as bad performance, non-existing guidelines for configuration etc., that I don’t want to get into. On the bright side, package-upload with twine worked right out of the box.

My questions are:

  • Are we missing something here?
  • Is warehouse not meant to be used to setup ones own internal/local clone of pypi in a production environment?
  • Is there additional documentation we are not aware of, something aimed at system administrators and end-users that want to setup their own pypi, because searching the web gives precious little and nothing usable?
  • Are there (3rd-party) example configurations and guides for warehouse?