Is there a tool to calculate row size and which columns would go in_row_data? [closed]

I just watched a course about how MS SQL tables are stored on the disk and a big portion of that were the IN_ROW_DATA and etc., explaining how fixed-width columns are always in teh IN_ROW_DATA and if any other overflow they get put in the OUT_ROW_DATA and etc.

The lector showed a visual aid of how you can calculate which columns would end in the IN_ROW_DATA when deisgning the table (assuming you knew what you were doing and the data it’s going to store) is there some tool or website that can show similar information before the table is created?

I was thinking of a tool/site where I enter what columns I am thinking of making and it tell me based on that how many would be in the IN_ROW, how many in the OUT_ROW, how many bites a row could take, etc.