Is there a way to add both Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (the planes) to the Spellthief skill list?

… Other than taking Skill Knowledge twice? (or Skill Knowledge + Apprentice)

I’d like this character to enter Ur Priest at level 6, so he needs max ranks in Knowledge (religion) and 5 in Knowledge (the planes), neither of which are class skills for Spellthief. And both feats are also going into qualifications. (Yes I know the Otyugh hole could give Iron Will or flaws could give bonus feats, but those are inelegant.)

As a human, the character would have spare feat for adding the two as class skills. Is there a feat that could pull that off?

Or, is there a race that would make them class skills by default? Or for that matter, a race that gets one of them as a class skill and one of the feats I need as a bonus feat?